To Be or Not To Be…or See

7 May


Concealer is the trickiest to get right.  They are either too thick and get cakey under eyes, or too thin and once you try to blend them in, they literally disappear, and so does their coverage.

Veil Concealer

Not so anymore.  I discovered these fabulous concealers Veil Complexion Fix a couple years ago at the Makeup Show, and I’ve been hooked ever since.  I even just gave up 2 to an “A” listers personal makeup artist who cornered me on a Set wondering what I was using on my “B” list actress because she looked fab, while said “A” lister wasn’t looking so fab under the eyes, and her makeup artist was really struggling.  They’re a bit pricey at $40 each, but well worth it for this Makeup Artist.

They dry almost instantly and just blend right in- I LOVE these- talk about making my job much easier! Also great for someone who doesn’t really need a foundation, just a few spots to cover up here and there. One of my favorite finds….

Stay Gorgeous Girls…


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