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Stop Wasting Money & Leaving it at The Bottom of Your Makeup Jar

5 May


  Now this product is just genius! Ever see a product and wonder, “Now why didn’t I think of that”? Well this one struck that chord with me.  For years I’ve been annoyed at wasting money and literally throwing it away with bottles of makeup, creams, lotions etc when you couldn’t get that last drop. […]

Shotglass Full of Summer Fun

23 Jun


  By now, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should know that sun-screen with both UVA & UVB protection should be a regular part of your daily routine.  As we get older what once was considered a cute freckle is now somehow morphed into an age-spot or sun-spot, or worse- skin cancer. The […]

Quick Fix For Chapped Lips

13 Mar


So you have dry chapped lips, and need a quick fix to stop the burning.  First of all STOP licking them.  As hard as it may be to resist the urge, it only makes them worse.  Avoid reaching for products like Vaseline, chapstick and carmex.  They are great for sealing moisture in your lips by […]

Magic In a Bottle For Your Skin

9 Jul


ummertime means a lot more exposure to the sun, and outdoor fun.  Exposure will most likely bring an occasional sunburn or two.  Head on down to your favorite health food store, and pick yourself up some Tamanu Oil.  This natural oil is pressed from the nuts of the Calophyllum tacamahaca tree typcially  found in Polynesia. It is […]

Protect It Then Forget About It

19 Feb


Quick and easy sun protection from Neutrogena for even the most sensitive skin.  Even though the sun isn’t shining in many areas of the country, the harmful effects of sun damage are still fast at work.  So protect your skin whether it’ s winter, spring, summer or fall. My favorite sunscreen is the Pure & […]

Look Your Best While Fighting Cancer

15 Feb


ust about every woman reading this can say that she has a friend or a friend of a friend who is going through chemotherapy and suffering from the low self esteem that losing your hair, lashes and brows can bring on.  Not to mention that the overall nauseous feeling that is overwhelming at that time […]

Beauty 101- Quick Tip For Rested Eyes

25 Sep


Do you sip a cup of tea at night before bedtime to rest and relax your soul?  Well, don’t throw away those teabags.  Store them in the fridge over night.  Upon rising in the morning,  place the cool teabags over your eyes for 10-20 minutes. The coldness of the teabags along with the caffeine will […]

Winter White Legs Say Hello to Summer Sun

29 May


The kids are graduating, grills have been fired up, boats are launching and Summer is on the horizon.  With Summer comes shorts, sandals, sundresses and baring those legs and other body parts that have been safely tucked under wool the past 6 months. If the glare coming off your legs is comparable to that off […]

Brush Cleaning 101~

24 Feb


ou’ve bought the tools, spent lots of money on your brushes, and now they are starting to shed, or looking like they’ve been destroyed.  You’re wondering if you didn’t get quite what you paid for. Most likely, you purchased quality brushes, but you aren’t taking care of them.  I’ve heard and read  articles where makeup […]

Keeping The Curl Alive in My Lashes

15 Feb


eeping a nice curl to your lashes isn’t the easiest task, but it isn’t impossible either.  A few tricks will help even the straightest lashes curl with ease to flatter a pair of baby blues, browns or hazels. The first essential tool is a GOOD eyelash curler, and know that they aren’t all the same. […]