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Zap Those Ruddy Red Cheeks!

30 Jan


Concealing rosy red cheeks is not impossible! I’ve had lots of emails since starting this blog with beauty questions from Buzzers [our term of endearment for YOU, our faithful followers].  I have answered each and every one of them, and I share your frustrations with products and problems, and thought, “Hey- If Suzy Q in […]

5 Steps to Conquer Puffy Eyes

26 Jan


Under eye Puffiness.  What causes it?  Hereditary? Sometimes.  Too much alcohol the night before? Yep, that can do it.  Poor diet?  Yep, that can do it too.  It’s a known fact that too much salt or alcohol can produce puffy eyes the next morning.  The body draws extra fluid into its tissues and unfortunately it […]

4 Steps to Conquer Dark Circles

26 Jan


Dark circles.  Most of us have experienced them at one time or another, and many are plagued with them on a daily basis.  What causes them?  Hereditary?  Some.  Not enough sleep?  Sometimes.  But the answer most are searching for is, how do I get rid of them?  That’s a two-fold question.  There are steps you […]

Out the Door Makeup in 5 Easy Steps

24 Jan


So you’re juggling 3 kids under the age of 10 and barely have time to brush your own teeth let alone think of applying a bit of makeup.  You catch a glimpse of  yourself in the bathroom mirror at your 5 year olds field trip and think “YIKES- who is she”? You’ve gotten a little […]

5 Steps to Fighting Acne!

4 Jan


A few easy steps to help combat the insanity of acne breakouts. There are few who don’t remember the horrific feeling of waking up with an unsightly pimple the morning of a special event.  Perhaps a big date that night, or your own wedding.  YIKES!  What was one to do?   For many teens this […]

Get Steamy This Winter!

3 Jan


team your way to soothe and soften dry skin.   Dry weather can wreak havoc on our skin during the cozy cold days of Winter.  Although snuggling up to a warm fire, or cranking the heat up to 72 sounds like a great way to get comfy, it can also be a leading way to […]

Winter Skin Hydration With Honey!

2 Jan


Winter blues getting the best of your skin?  Dry, flaky skin emerging on what once was a beautiful complexion?  Have no fear, and don’t stress that your slim-after-Christmas wallet will suffer with an expensive skincare treatment.  Simply head to your kitchen cupboard! HONEY will be your best friend this Winter.  A quick and easy solution […]

Add Olive Oil to Your Daily Beauty Routine

17 Dec


e’re just a week away from Santa’s big arrival, which  means that your skin is really starting to feel the effects of the cold winter chill.   A fabulous treat to a day spa for deep skin moisturizing would be great, but who has the time or the money. So if you’re ready for a […]

Arm Your Skin For The Winter Blues

9 Nov


Don’t let your skin become victim to the Winter Blues.  Colder temperatures and the use of heat in our homes, cars and businesses tends to lead to dry flaky skin.  Three steps that will keep your skin looking soft and supple all Winter long. STEP 1:  SLEEP!  Sleep does more than just re-energize your body.  […]

Make Your Hair Color Last Longer

8 Nov


In your 20’s and 30’s you colored your hair for the fun of it.  Choosing a new color meant a new fresh outlook and added a little “oomph” to your step.  As you head into your 40’s and 50’s the hair color takes on a whole new meaning- coloring those grays!  And YIKES it seems that the time […]