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Pumpkins- Not Just for Carving and Pies!

31 Oct


 umpkins have fabulous natural skincare qualities, so stock up on some pumpkin not just in your pantry, but for your bathroom as well! Fall brings out the cooler weather and pumpkin patches start popping up everywhere.  With Halloween upon us, and Thanksgiving knocking on the door, it’s time to get the pumpkin out of the pantry for some […]

Is Your Bathroom the Best Place to Store Your Makeup

24 Oct


bsolutely…..NOT!  Yet most of us do.  One of the quickest ways to expose your cosmetics to bacteria is to expose them to a daily dose of humidity from the bathtub or shower.  Here are a few tips to help extend the life of your cosmetics: Store your makeup in your top dresser drawer, or vanity drawer.  Keep makeup brushes […]

Three Tricks to Make Teeth Look Whiter

22 Oct


If your pearly whites aren’t looking so pearly, here are 3 quick tips to brighten and whiten your smile. Choose Blue based lip-colors.  When thinking of color theory to help balance things out, blue sits opposite yellow.  So to counter any yellowness in your teeth, stick with lip-colors that are blue based [think rose with a magenta tone]  and avoid colors […]

Is That Mole Skin Cancer? There’s An App For That!

18 Oct


IPhone owners, Listen Up!  There is an app launching this week – SpotCheck – which will identify suspicious moles with a click of the iphone’s camera.   Within an hour you will have a general diagnosis of your mole. Developed by Dr. Bobby Buka, a NYC dermatologist who, personally screens every submission. He guarantees a response within 24 hours—a promise that […]

Beauty Mistakes and How To Fix Them

17 Oct


on’t be fooled by the gorgeous makeup on celebrities- remember, they have a Makeup Artist standing just feet from them to keep it all in place.  That’s what we do- that’s why they look flawless.  But we’ve all learned lots of tricks along the way to help make our job easier.  Here are a few of […]