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O.P.I Launches Muppet Movie Nail Polish Collection

3 Nov


Check out this fun new nail polish from O.P.I…It’s from the Muppet Collection and it goes on sale this month along with the release of the new Muppet Movie, just in time for the Holidays!  The BSW Glam Girls loved every shade but our all time fav is:  Gettin Miss Piggy With It, a fabulous […]

Baby Shampoo Is Still Toxic

1 Nov


More than two years after leading health and parents’ groups asked Johnson & Johnson to reformulate its flagship baby shampoo to remove a cancer-causing chemical,(i) the company is still using formaldehyde-releasing preservatives in Johnson’s Baby Shampoo in some countries (including the U.S.), while formulas sold in other countries are free of these chemicals, according to […]

Holidays and Red Lips Make A Perfect Pair

29 Oct


Nothing makes lips more luscious around the holidays than a pout lined in RED!  Red lips speak elegance, old Hollywood, classic Marilyn Monroe look.  But nothing ruins a beautiful red lip more than chapped dry lips,  uneven lip-liner, bleeding lipstick or the wrong red for your skin-tone.   Time to get your lips in shape so they are ready […]

Covergirl Outlast Lipstick Delivers

27 Oct


Covergirl Outlast Lipstick will stay put for a perfect pout hours after hours…… get asked all the time “which lipstick will stay on?”   Isn’t that the million dollar question girls.  Well, look no further. Years ago I did a water filter commercial, in which the Director had one request- no lipstick on the glass.  The […]

Win the Anniversary Smoky Eye Collection From Beth Bender Beauty!

24 Oct


It’s Monday Madness Giveaway at BeautyStyleWatch and our gal pals in the BSW Beauty Department are giving away the Smoky Eye Anniversary Collection from beth bender beauty! Yay! Want a super solution to taking your smoky eyes and eyeliner from “who did it and ran” to “whose that, and how can I get her number?”  Well […]

The Power of Pink- Style that Supports The Fight Against Breast Cancer

24 Oct


 It is really hard to find someone who hasn’t been touched by Breast Cancer.  Either in their own personal battle, or a Grandmother, Mother, Aunt, Sister or friend.  We have all held the hand of a loved one, or said a prayer or two for a friend of a friend.  But in the end, we […]

Three Tricks to Make Teeth Look Whiter

22 Oct


If your pearly whites aren’t looking so pearly, here are 3 quick tips to brighten and whiten your smile. Choose Blue based lip-colors.  When thinking of color theory to help balance things out, blue sits opposite yellow.  So to counter any yellowness in your teeth, stick with lip-colors that are blue based [think rose with a magenta tone]  and avoid colors […]

Itchy Nose, Allergy Sniffles, Need A Tissue, Get a Sniffle Buddie Instead

21 Oct


ust finished up work this week on two commercials, and glanced over at our Script Supervisor and was reminded of a GREAT, must have product- especially for Mom’s of allergy stricken kids- and actually ANY kid!  My commercial was full of them.  Two the first day, 3 the second, and like a responsible Makeup Artist, […]

The Eyes Have It- 5 Tips for Getting Yours Noticed

14 Oct


“The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides –-Audrey Hepburn   hat have you done for your eyes lately?  Over 60% of people say that the “eyes” are the first thing they notice in someone.  All the more reason to make sure […]

How to Get the Most Out of Your Beauty Products

13 Oct


We all want fabulous glowing skin, but did you know there are little tricks that you can do to get the most out of your beauty products?   TIPS: Add just a drop of Self Tanner to your favorite Night Cream and mix in well before applying.  The result= beautiful glowing skin every morning! Rinse your […]